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Graeme & Annette together

My name is Graeme Dickson.

Throughout my career, I have spent all of my working time as a Cabinet Maker/Shopfitter. I completed my apprenticeship as a Carpenter with Trollope Silverwood & Beck.

I then had a few employers before I decided to commence work as a self employed tradesman. That business eventually grew to a staff of generally 28 – 30 persons (including sub-trades).   We specialized in the supply and installation of “Architectural and Creative” joinery. This of course introduced the supply of specialized joinery that we supplied directly to many of the leading shopfitting companies based in Melbourne.   We also supplied and installed various domestic builders (especially in the Eastern Suburbs) with kitchen joinery for newly constructed and heavily renovated homes.   In time, we found that the industry had a strong need for materials to be simply cut by the sophisticated computerized machinery that we had heavily invested in.

This change in industry supply unfortunately relieved the need for the staff we had on board, however, we rapidly became recognized as a preferred supplier to many new and also existing clients as they were then in a position to carry out the assembly side themselves and thus, making huge savings on their joinery needs.   Eventually many of our clients recognized the need for them also to invest in similar equipment as to what we had on hand so we started to concentrate on the more intricate and specific work that many machine programmers were simply not interested in or were not experienced enough to carry out.   Unfortunately, as a result of implications from a spinal accident that lead to all sorts of other  implications (I would prefer to keep to myself), I was forced to retire from the industry.

Over a period of  4 -5 years, I developed an interest in the keeping and breeding of fish.  The fish are known as African Cichlids and more specifically, a preference for “Wild Caught” stock from Lake Tanganyika in Africa. I would purchase these Wild Caught colonies from a local importer that specialized in importing live fish from overseas.  Please look at the many albums of fish kept from the menu on the left hand side of this page. 

After aspiring to 58 individual tanks, many of them holding wild caught colonies, and the rest holding their offspring, I setup just one basic community tank and maintained that for some 14 months. I have now sold that tank and my fish-keeping activity is over, but the memories of how rewarding the feeling of success is still so clear in my mind.

In November 2012, I met my new wife, Annette Scarcella.  Annette has 5 children, but 3 whom are close to me. Christian, Amy & Dominic.

Annette and her family welcomed me into there lives quite openly, and I am ever so thankful of that.  They are all beautiful people and each is very unique in their own way


Wild Caught Lafubu Spawning




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